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Left-wing tactics made us look like clowns - not Ford
I'm just going to quote Naomi Lakritz from the Calgary Herald here (even people from CALGARY are telling us to get our thumbs out and move on, guys!!);

"All the rackety protests and all the resignation calls and all the hounding by the media are about one thing — a hatred for Ford’s right-wing politics and an inability to accept that their fellow Torontonians voted him into office.

These people are unclear on a basic concept of democracy, which most individuals understand when they go to the polls: Somebody else’s favoured candidate might win over theirs. So, they’re desperately grasping at the flimsiest straws they can find, to force him out of office.
In their minds, since his politics and persona don’t jibe with their own, he automatically forfeits the presumption of innocence that every other Canadian is entitled to when accused of illegal activity.

What more do they want him to say? “You are left wing and therefore everything you say and do is correct, while I am just the fat, rumpled, right-wing mayor you are trying to oust from office every way you can, because you can’t get over the election results.”

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You guys tried like HELL to ouster the Mayor, sneering and outright asserting at every turn that he was making a laughingstock of Toronto, when it turns out it was YOU.
Olivia Chow might have had a chance before Ford sailed through all your crap, but now you've gone and galvanized his fan base (all of whom are too busy working to battle your howls of indignation).

Those classless tactics just gave Rob Ford ANOTHER four years - and might just result in the marginalization and maybe even outright removal of a couple of your key allies at Council. I might even be voting for the guy this time - he deserves a do-over just on your extralegal interference.

Get over it, respect the fact that actual PEOPLE voted for him, accept that you lost, and prepare for battle next year. When you lose then, accept it then, too.

After all, our usual arrogance says that Toronto's supposed to be showing Calgary how to behave...aren't we?

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