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ME FIRST!! I hope this story isn't typical of us all..., a woman got arrested for sticking her hand and foot in the door of a GO train (and refusing to let go when directed to do so by the cops)
Where do I start with this one? I'd LIKE to start with our borderline retarded "nothing is my fault" culture of victimhood where it's OK to blame anyone, as long as they carry a badge...
I will point out that she DOES work for the provincial government. In her defence, you're not permitted to bring your common sense with you when so employed, as she's proven by screwing up at LEAST five ways here.

First, she stuck her foot and hand in the door (not the cop) and refused, multiple times, when told to remove it. She's lucky it didn't malfunction and KILL her ass (that would be the reason the rule exists) - yes, people DO get dragged.

Second, she failed the attitude test - when a cop tells you, "Don't do that," you DON'T DO THAT - never mind cussing the cop out.

Third, this is why we wind up with delays. Five delays of five minutes each is why your g*d train is late.

Fourth, why the HELL are you relying on the TRAIN to get home if it's such an emergency? Oh, wait, it WASN'T an emergency - it was a family gathering!!

Fifth...sure, just go AHEAD and think that it's OK inconvenience the thousand or so OTHER passengers who want to go home...never mind YOU weren't on time for your g*d train.

Wrong all around - dumb compounded by bad attitude - and we all need to knock this crap off.
The world does NOT exist to make your life easier. Go forth and deal with it - like adults.

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