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The Search For A Winner : Stats Can Be Overdone
Something Iím always worried about is an organizationís dependance on sabermetrics.
The numbers may not lie, but they certainly are frequently misread.
In a lot of cases, excessive dependance on stats are the attempt, by those who donít instinctively understand the game, to find a way to explain every little inch of our game.

That simply canít be done - which does NOT mean one should simply abandon metrics altogether.
What Iím trying (in a bumbling sort of way) to get at here is that Iíd rather see someone who understands the metrics but also has cred (preferrably as a player, not/not just as a manager) and understands that youíre not the playersí friend - that elusive Daddy figure that can get inside everyoneís heads and make them PLAY.

Maybe itís "Hey, you realize that, when you take the first pitch, your average jumps thirty points." Maybe itís "Youíre not trying enough. Get your head out of your ass." Maybe itís even, "Hey, maybe you need to go out when we get on the road. Pick a buddy and go get tanked and laid. (that last one was the Keith Hernandez SlumpBuster)

All in all, I just want a cautionary note (not that Iím the Great Baseball God or anything) slid in here, and Iíll quote Darth Vader (baseball AND Star Wars in one post?!? Good Lord);
"I find your lack of faith...disturbing..."

Donít forget the soul of the game, either. After all, them there stats come from human beings.

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