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So IS it time to panic? Jays falling fast
So. Forty games in. Ten back. "A win in April is worth the same as a win in September." So's a loss, I'd imagine.

While there's no doubt that falling behind early puts a lot of pressure on a team, it's still entirely possible, given the individual talent on the roster, that the Blue Jays are still within striking distance.
The Yankees can't keep up the smoke and mirrors act forever, the Orioles have inherited the Jays' 2012 injury jinx, and the Rays and Sox are trying to reload instead of being smart and rebuilding.

Onnnn the flip siiiide, though...Them Red Sox have nearly the mirror-opposite record of the Jays - and they're only in second. We're dead last, playing .400 ball.
Panic never solves anything, right? Right. It just takes time for a lineup to gel. We're missing Reyes. The starting pitching's still feeling its' way, and yep, we've used the DL a few times too.

I'm not quite ready to push the button yet. When I hear Baltimore papers ruminating about acquiring R.A. Dickey (ahem, bull, gents) and note that hey, this club's shown that they believe they CAN win (check today's walk-off), I'm more ready to believe that July and August are going to be some of the most entertaining - read : tense - baseball in recent memory.

Panic? Nah. It'd be fun to run away with it, but let's take what the baseball gods give us - it'll be SO MUCH FUN to see Sox and Yankee fans wilt as we roar past.

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