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Well, he's at it again : Ford, Part Duh
Proof. It's always been part of good journalism, just like stupidity has always been part of politics.
Ordinarily, you'd like proof of the politician's stupidity. However, these days, that doesn't seem necessary - you can just "intimate" that "someone else from some other paper saw it", and that apparently gives you the right to publish it. (I assume that, if the video was real, Gawker would have put up their OWN money instead of trying to sucker us into paying for it. Shame.)

I'm not going to whine (any more) about that. Although I personally decry the abject lack of moral standards amongst the media lemmings, hey, they've gotten away with it - nobody gives a crap, so we reap what we sow and move briskly on to the next scandal.

To the heart of the matter;

Whether in personal or political life, Rob Ford is his own worst enemy (an assertion I'm sure even our Mayor wouldn't dispute, at least not vigorously).
Even if he DIDN'T smoke crack, he's stepped in piles of dog doo over and over and over again.
From being unable to crack the whip on the agenda he was elected to pursue to endless personal-life scandals, Mayor Ford has been the very definition of self-destructive and dysfunctional.

Maybe it's arrogance. Maybe it's fear. Maybe it's just outright anger at the sons of bitches who feel they have a right to publish anything, so long as somebody ELSE said it...but Rob, oh, Rob...where the heck are you on this?

I'll remind you (again) that I didn't vote for the guy - I felt he would be far too divisive, something that's been proven out - but I'm waiting for proof.

He's entitled to that - just like the rest of us.

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