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Pack Your Bags, John (but thanks for trying)
So, John Farrell's dream job is in Boston instead of here. Doesn't that just sum up the way a lot of American players feel? (I would assume that's at least part of the reason the Blue Jays have long concentrated on the Dominican Republic, etc...)

In any case, once the truth was obvious, good friend and Red Sox fan (and AML Champ) Michael Fenn and I hammered out a Farrell deal in less than five minutes; Farrell and Adam Lind for Ciriaco/Nava...the only bad part is we have to take the James Loney contract too.
We can eat that...tell John 'good luck in Boston'...except vs the Jays. Personally, I think I ate Mike's lunch on this one, cat eating canary and all that...

From a Jays perspective; We're NOT getting Pedroia. Put that one to bed. Ciriaco's a good kid, looks like, with the right coaching, he could replace Johnson, and Nava never got a shot (roadblocked when Tito was the boss and Valentine...well, Valentine's an idiot).
Loney fills in until we can find a real 1b or until D'Arnaud's ready.

Annnnd now...we hire Sal Fasano, someone who will kick everyone's ass, breathe fire and demand accountability, all in language fans can understand. The Jays clubhouse needs a Daddy, not a kindly uncle, and Sal would be Omar Vizquel's instant favourite. Sal's been there, done that, burned the t-shirt, and he'd be an instant fan favourite...

As Mike says, "any time you can quote Larry The Cable Guy in a deal, you know it's good;" Come on, Alex. Git'er in gear.

What do you guys think? (I just want this one on record so I can gripe later)

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