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An Extremely Dangerous Moment
Judging by the lack of outrage yesterday, none of you noticed the announcement of the end of democracy.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, bald-faced in front of dozens of (evidently) well-Prozacked journalists, told the world that "Due process does not mean judicial process," enroute to claiming that the United States can target and kill even its' own citizens abroad if it is necessary for national security.

Holder, who would be killed by an original thought and a simultaneous cold drink of water, was the sacrificial lamb, chosen to float this particular fart-laden balloon. You can bet he held his breath for a moment or two...but nobody even blinked.
Let me make sure we're all on the same page here; the United States, through its' top prosecutor, just told the world that, "It's OK for us to kill our own citizens without telling a judge about it."

I might not have any secrets from my government, but if Prime Minister Harper or one of his agents ever asserts that he's allowed to kill me without warning, ALL of the shit is going to hit ALL of the fans. Yes, CSIS/RCMP, I'm expecting your visit. Come on by. The beer's cold.

So this is how due process dies - with one inflammatory statement, ignored by the world.
I guess the rest of you really aren't surprised - how else to explain the abject lack of reaction?

Back to American Idol, I guess.

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