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Disasters Strike Quickly - and you're NOT ready.
An emergency-services expert I know once said, "Tornadoes give you the most notice of any natural disaster."
I observed, rather pithily, I suppose, that, in that event, we'd get just minutes.
"If you're lucky."

Holy cow. So...if something bad, tornado, earthquake, whatever, hits the house, we're limited to whatever we have here right now - we've got to be ready in seconds. (and YES, they DO happen in Canada!)
Here are the two things you need to take to heart;
1) Disasters give you no notice.
2) You're on your own - no fire, EMS or cops - for three days (72 hours) minimum.

Knowing that right now, why is it that you still haven't prepared?

Flashlight. Candles. Lighter. First-Aid kit (with extra gauze - Band-Aids aren't going to help when there's lots of blood). Energy bars. Warm clothing. Dust mask. Radio and batteries. Whistle. Disinfectant. It's EASY - unless the disaster's going on at the here for more.

No excuses.

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