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CanCon : Our Place In The (Music) World
I'm writing this from the Air Canada Centre, where I'm waiting for Canadian rock legends Rush to hit the stage. Although Rita doesn't dig Geddy's screaming, this is still one of the premier rock acts in the world, never mind just our fair land.

I always wonder, though...why are we so insecure when it comes to our talent? We've always got to mention that so-and-so is Canadian, "East York's Russell Martin" plays for the Yankees, for example.
Those little snorts always bring me back to the Canadian-content wars, also known as CanCon, saviour of the CBC.

So? Did CanCon make a difference? Are we world-beaters, or are we still dusting off Anne Murray and The Guess Who?

For my price of admission, about two cents, you can't legislate talent. Are we better for CanCon? Not in my mind...though we've produced some excellent artists anyways.
Canucks of a left-wing bent like to turn up their noses at big business (too American?) getting involved in The Arts (MUST be capitalized), and yet, when you've got money to throw at a problem, it seems to bring results.

It might not be "our" way, but I'd like to know...where's the next Rush?

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